BSIA export council striking security industry gold at Intersec


The Middle East is hungry for CCTV and security solutions, according to a survey of BSIA members carried out during the Intersec 2012 exhibition in Dubai.

The survey of BSIA export council members who attended the show found that two-thirds of companies reported an increase in business activity in the region.

Hybrid solutions – which combine analogue and IP video technology in the same system – were the clear leader, with 61% of companies saying it had been the most popular security technology choice in the region over the past 12 months.

This was followed by other technology including megapixel cameras and video content analysis.

The strongest vertical market in the middle east remains governments, according to the member of the export council, which accounted for 64% of business, followed by hotel/leisure (14%), retail (14%) and transport (7%).

John Davies, chairman of the BSIA’s export council, said, “This new research underlines the success that our members are having in what is an increasingly competitive Middle East market. Undoubtedly, the upturn is testament to the quality of the solutions and industry-leading nature of the innovations that BSIA companies are able to deliver to customers across a wide range of sectors in the region.”

According to the BSIA, the UK is currently ranked sixth globally in terms of sales volume of security products, totalling 3.1% of the global sales volume. With a total value of £7.6bn, UK sales grew by 4.8% between 2008 and 2009, with exports accounting for 18% of this total. Already recognised as the source of prestige, well-experienced security services, the UK is set to become an international leader in the emerging global security market, providing many of the solutions essential to safeguarding society, businesses and critical infrastructure around the world.

BSIA export council

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