Hochiki Europe aims to spark debate on fire safety supply chain

A challenge has gone out to increase transparency and understanding of the fire safety product supply chain. The challenge has been issued by Hochiki Europe which says it wants to address the issues faced by purchasers, specifiers and installers when selecting or upgrading a life safety solution.

This includes cost of maintenance, reliability of suppliers, quality of materials and tailoring to a specific business need.

In a sector where the supply chain is complicated and frequently altered due to a range of international and local standards, Hochiki Europe is empowering users to make the best purchasing decisions.

The Japanese-founded business has designed the industry’s first supply chain infographic to depict its commitment to a robust system which incorporates and accommodates innovation without compromising on compliance or reliability.


Opting for a fire or emergency lighting system without sufficient knowledge of its design, manufacture and delivery, could leave the building owners exposed to high cost servicing, expensive repairs and the potential risk of being non-compliant in regards to several legal requirements.

With five million components used across the 50,000 individually tested products each month, Hochiki employs stringent procedures, such as the pioneering sealing technique which enables a device to withstand environmental variables, to ensure the highest quality product is achieved.

To further support its mission to educate those selecting and purchasing its products, Hochiki Europe has unveiled its top five considerations for time-restricted businesses seeking a robust safety supply chain.

Hochiki Europe’s top five

  1. How does the product development benefit you?
  2. How are products tested to exceed your expectations?
  3. How are compliance and safety standards assessed to meet your needs?
  4. What preventative measures have been taken to reduce your involvement in after care?
  5. How is the supply chain audited to improve your experience?

Ray Turner, General Manager of Operations at Hochiki Europe, said: “It is easy for businesses to see fire and lighting safety equipment as a simple commodity designed to relieve them of worries related to health and safety legislation. However, there are many more details to be considered when installing or reviewing existing equipment, and many of those considerations start with the supply chain.

“Understanding the product development process can be complex but it’s absolutely vital in guaranteeing a business’ safety which is why we’re demystifying the supply chain to equip them with all they need to choose the highest quality fire safety system.”


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