JSaRC coordinates security industry ideas during Covid-19 Outbreak


JSaRCIn response to the Covid-19 outbreak, there have been many offers of products and solutions from industry and academia received across Government. These are many and varied.

However, considering the complexity of the virus and its broad impact, a good number of these offers are possibly not being received by the relevant departments. It is important that there is centralised coordination of these ideas, so they are considered and reviewed appropriately.

As such, JSaRC is coordinating the receipt and detail capture of innovative and practical ideas from the security industry and academia regarding solutions and products that could be utilised, further developed or re-purposed in order to help the Government’s response to Covid-19.

This exercise is an ‘information capture’ activity and responses will be collated and shared across Government and the public sector. Responses and content considered workable and useful will be followed up as necessary. Relevant government teams are obviously under pressure and our country’s response is evolving fast. You should not necessarily expect a direct response to your ideas but JSaRC is committed to collating and distributing responses to the relevant government teams.

Ideas can be submitted by email to JSaRC@homeoffice.gov.uk .  Title your email ‘Covid-19 Products and Solutions Response’. Include the following:

Name of organisation, name and role of main contact, email address and telephone numbers.

Details on your idea and product maturity level (using 250 words or less).

How your idea can be used in relation to Covid-19 (using 250 words or less).

Please note:
All responses must be submitted as detailed above.
Please do not include attachments or web links.
This is not a formal competition or call, so there will be no follow-up communications unless there is a requirement for further detail.
All information received as part of this activity will be treated in confidence.

New technology challenge to support people who are isolating
Funding is available for technology companies who come up with digital support solutions for people who need to stay at home because of Covid-19.

Covid-19 supply of ventilators and ventilator components
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is looking for organisations who can support in the supply of ventilators and ventilator components across the United Kingdom as part of the Government’s response to Covid-19. They are seeking suppliers with the ability to design, manufacture in addition to those who have or could provide medical training or logistics capabilities.

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