Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017

Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017

Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017

Security Middle East speaks to Maxxess on their appearance at Intersec 2017 and the launch of their latest product MAXDashboard DI, a world-first solution that can transform the live management, monitoring and verification of people in transit on big, busy sites and multi-site estates, making it quick, easy and affordable to proactively pre-empt security situations, optimise operational efficiency and cut costs.

Were the three days at Intersec 2017 a success for Maxxess?

Lee Copland, Maxxess

For us, it was a great show, with strong regional and international interest. As a benchmarking opportunity, it confirmed how much traction we have made in the region over the past year. As ever, it was good to catch up with existing customers while also seeing genuine interest from new prospects across all sectors of the buying chain – both in security and, increasingly, the operational side of the business. There was a real buzz around the event, which made it the perfect platform to launch new products, sound out the market and educate delegates on exciting possibilities in areas such as integration, analytics and big data.

The MAXDashboard DI, launched at the show, has been dubbed a world-first solution. What is it that makes it unique and important for the security industry?

Even we were surprised at all the attention it whipped up. As you say, it is a world-first solution for the real-time management, monitoring and verification of people on the move on big, busy sites and multi-site estates. It makes it quick, easy and affordable for in-house teams to proactively manage security, pre-empt potential incidents, optimise operational efficiency, control and cut costs and drive more value from an organisations’ own data.

The intuitive dashboard provides 24/7 live visibility of all on-site movements. Customised data filters display precise tailored information, in granular detail. Multiple live data inputs, including access control, are uniquely combined with big data analytics and the results cross-referenced with a wide range of behaviour patterns – general and individual. Anomalies are identified to trigger alerts about potentially suspicious or unauthorised activity. This makes it easy for in-house security teams to proactively verify questions like: How many cardholders are present on your sites? What is the split of employees, contractors, guests or others? With self-learning algorithms, the rules are continuously refined, helping to minimise risk.

What’s more, being vendor-agnostic, it can easily be bolted on to any security system. Plus, it is available as a pay-as-you-go service, so can be up, running and delivering results fast, with no upfront costs or technical barriers – which is the kind of value and convenience everyone wants.

Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017

Joined-up thinking is on everyone’s lips at the moment, and the integration between Maxxess eFusion and SeeTec Cayuga speaks to that trend. What was the reaction to this integration from visitors at the stand?

Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017Absolutely, as you say, integration is big news right now. And it’s a key element of the Maxxess story. MAXDashboard DI, along with all the technologies we were showcasing at Intersec, is built on open technology standards. Visitors had their first glimpse of the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) integration between Maxxess eFusion, our open and modular security management platform and SeeTec Cayuga’s next generation video management software (VMS) system for surveillance operations of any size or complexity.

The integration with SeeTec Cayuga – a simple, flexible VMS system that integrates with more than 2000 cameras from 60 leading manufacturers – allows users to intuitively search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents and display them alongside live images via the Maxxess eFusion interface. In the event of an incident, such as a forced door, an image is automatically presented to operators via the eFusion platform enabling a fast, efficient response and effectively closing security gaps often caused by disparate systems. For evidence purposes, a full sequence of video from any number of cameras can easily be exported in a wide range of formats.

Maxxess eFusion features more than 50 COTS integrations with third-party hardware and software such as SeeTec Cayuga. The partnership with SeeTec gives customers even more freedom to choose from best-in-class security and life safety technologies, while driving operational efficiencies and increased resilience through eFusion’s single user interface and alarm management platform.

From visitors on the stand, to the general conversations heard around the show, were there any particular themes that stood out in terms of what was needed or expected from security solutions as we head into this new year – perhaps with particular interest in the Middle East?

Building on the integration theme, we heard a lot about retrofit solutions. Everyone is looking for smarter ways to get more value from their existing investment in legacy systems without needing to rip and replace. That’s the beauty of our open technology approach. It’s a convenient and highly cost-effective approach that gives organisations the ultimate freedom to customise complete solutions combining surveillance, access control, fire and intruder systems with their back-office processes. When they need to minimise risk and maximise the value of existing investments, we can deliver everything they need, with far less cost and complexity than conventional PSIM solutions.

Allied to this, everyone is looking to maximise operational efficiency. Organisations are starting to recognise the true benefits of a more holistic joined-up approach to security, facilities and operations management. By adopting integration, organisations can realise significant cost reductions and improved efficiency. For instance, value-added SeeTec solutions can use bespoke applications and analytics to extend modern video management beyond traditional security to support and optimise business processes in logistics, retail, transport and finance. This capability also complements new Maxxess mobile apps that enable efficient management of workforce processes, such as visitor management, workforce monitoring and tracking vehicle movements.

At the same time, MAXDashboard DI can enhance operational efficiency by providing answers to questions such as: Which parts of a building are most and least busy? What are the precise demands on building utilities? What is the average Wi-Fi usage per session? What capacity is there for better utilisation of space? This gives organisations the intelligence to adapt their processes accordingly to maximise savings.

Maxxess MAXDashboard DI gets the crowds talking at Intersec 2017

With the show coming to a close, what does the rest of 2017 have in store for Maxxess?

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year than Intersec. It’s given us a great steer on what customers are looking for this year to get best value from their investments and how we can educate the market on the possibilities. Integration will continue to be a big story, as will ongoing convergence of security with operational processes. And with powerful new technologies such as big data analytics becoming affordable and accessible to any business, 2017 is set to be an exciting year for the Middle East market. Watch this space!

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