Mobile access management solution unveiled by LOCKEN

My LOCKEN app launched by leading developers of cable free access control

From a business point of view, one of the biggest advantages of smartphones and tablets is the ability to execute a series of administrative tasks at any time and from any location. Unlike traditional technology, new applications and updates are available every day on our handheld devices, enabling us to carry out complex tasks without having to physically be at the office or in front of a PC.

Likewise, the current policies of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allow an employee to use their personal smartphone or tablet to solve tasks associated with their job. This greatly increases the flexibility of the business and the time it takes to respond to work-related enquiries.

LOCKEN has identified huge advantages in using this technology to facilitate the work of the end user of its cable free access control system. The recent launch of its My LOCKEN app, which is designed for all users of LOCKEN electronic keys, provides real-time information about the validity of a key.

Nick Dooley, Managing Director of LOCKEN UK explains: “Over the past year, LOCKEN has liaised with its clients to develop an app that is suitable to their operational work-flow, with the aim of improving access management. This new apps come as a completely personalised service, enabling real-time collection of user information (including identification, access points and locations) and integration of a series of tasks into the existing applications of the client organisation.

“This evolution brings us closer to the full view of access, while allowing us to add an extra level of security to the solution.”


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