NCSC stresses importance of cybersecurity

The UK’s cyber chief has recently signalled that the nation’s critical infrastructure is ‘enduring and significant’ amid a rise of state-aligned groups, an increase in aggressive cyber security and ongoing geopolitcal challenges.

In its latest Annual Review, recently published, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – which is a part of GCHQ – warned that the UK needs to accelerate work to keep pace with the changing threat, particularly in relation to enhancing cyber resilience in the nation’s most critical sectors.

These sectors include those that provide the country with safe drinking water, electricity, communications, its transport and financial networks, and internet connectivity.

Over the past 12 months, the NCSC has observed the emergence of a new class of cyber adversary in the form of state-aligned actors, who are ideologically, rather than financially, motivated.

Now, the NCSC is reiterating its warning of an enduring and significant threat posted by states and state-aligned groups to the national assets the UK relies on for everyday functioning of society.

“The last year has seen a significant evolution in the cyber threat to the UK – not least because of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine but also from the availability and capability of emerging tech,” said Lindy Cameron, CEO of NCSC. “As our Annual Review shows, the NCSC and our partners have supported government, the public and private sector, citizens, and organisations of all sizes across the UK to raise awareness of the cyber threats and improve our collective resilience.

“Beyond the present challenges, we are very aware of the threats on the horizon, including rapid advancements in tech and the growing market for cyber capabilities. We are committed to facing those head on and keeping the UK at the forefront of cyber security.”

The Annual Review highlights a new trend of malicious actors targeting the personal email accounts of high-profile and influential individuals involved in politics. Rather than a mass campaign against the public, the NCSC warns that there is a “persistent effort” by attackers to specifically target people who they think hold information of interest.

In response, the Annual Review highlights the work of the NCSC and wider government in weaving resilience into the fabric of the UK’s democratic processes ahead of the next election, which includes the establishment of the Joint Election Security Preparedness (JESP) unit.

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