Securing Asia & Africa 2014 Update

Enhancement of Border Management in India expected to create boom in business opportunities for domestic and global defence companies.

The raising of a new Mountain Strike Corps by the Indian Army was sanctioned by the Indian Government early this year, wherein this corps would have 90,000 soldiers primarily dedicated for India’s Eastern borders with China. This corps for which $10 billion has been earmarked includes approximately $06.5 billion for capital expenditure to acquire weapon systems and other supporting equipment. It is expected that the creation of the Mountain Strike Corps with independent armoured brigades would create business opportunities for domestic and global defence companies as it would entail acquisition of specialised combat gears, artillery, logistics vehicles, specialised weapons and surveillance systems for mountain warfare.

In addition to this, border security is being enhanced with the augmentation of the Border Security Force (BSF) with another 40,000 personnel to take care of Indo-Myanmar border whereas Indo Tibetean Border Police (ITBP) is expected to increase its force strength to 90,000 personnel by 2015. Further, the Ministry of Home Affairs has allocated $02 billion for modernisation of the Central Police Forces especially the border guarding forces like BSF and ITB. This apart, a proposal of a $02 billion project, for the development of a dedicated Border Space Command with 03 layers of border security,is expected to gain momentum post the general elections in India.


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