SecuX Shield BIO revolutionises crypto security

Having made a name for itself in the world of blockchain security since 2018, SecuX is set to reveal its latest collection, the Shield BIO card-type hardware wallet, at TOKEN 2049 – one of the crypto industry’s marquee events scheduled for 13-14 September 2023 in Singapore. The Shield BIO is emblematic of next-gen crypto security, masterfully combining biometric fingerprint authentication with the useful format of a credit card.

At the centre of this avant-garde wallet is the military-grade Secure Element chip, which is synonymous with the robust security features of SecuX hardware wallets, ensuring unparalleled protection for digital treasures. The incorporation of biometric technology enhances this security, ensuring only authenticated users can access their assets.

“Our trajectory in the industry underscores our commitment to pioneering unmatched blockchain security solutions. The Shield BIO Card Wallet is a testament to our unwavering dedication to supreme security, top-notch functionality, and sleek design,” commented Peter Chen, CEO at SecuX.

The scale of SecuX’s commitment to blockchains security shines through its diverse product lineup. Highlights include the V20 crypto wallet, renowned for supporting a staggering 10,000+ coins and tokens, and the SecuX Nifty – an NFT-display hardware wallet that won the prestigious iF design aware in 2023. In addition, the company’s payment terminals are designed for the ever-changing crypto sphere; and the XSEED series, offering robust steel cold storage solutions, further strengthens its standing in the blockchain industry.

Especially noteworthy for SecuX has been the year of 2023, marked by key alliances with cybersecurity behemoth Trend Micro, giving birth to the co-branded W20 wallet, and a collaboration with ASUS Metaverse on the revolutionary MnemonicX 2048 sould-bound NFT initiative.

“In an ever-evolving crypto world, the demand for robust yet user-centric security solutions grows exponentially. The Shield BIO isn’t merely a product; it’s an assurance of peace of mind,” Peter Chen emphasised.

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