Siqura’s new PTZ dome cameras withstand harsh environments

Siqura advanced PTZ dome camera
Siqura advanced PTZ dome camera

Siqura B.V. today announced the release of an advanced PTZ dome camera line capable of withstanding harsh environments.

Overcoming adverse environments

Through pressurized dome housing, this new Siqura camera line ensures airtight protection against excessive moisture, dirt, and pollution. This makes these cameras ideal for situations such as seaports and highway tunnels, where corrosive elements in the atmosphere can impede the performance of a surveillance system and cause unnecessary risks to safety and security. The Siqura pressurized PTZ dome cameras have an IP67 Ingress Protection rating and the housing is constructed of materials designed to withstand intense levels of solar heat (945VA UV protected). Pressurizing the housing, particularly with inert nitrogen gas, prevents moisture, pollution, and dust from damaging the camera.

A solution for every situation

The Siqura pressurized PTZ dome series includes analog and IP options. Through their 400° per second preset positioning capability, 26x or 35x autofocus zoom lens, and 12x digital zoom, these Siqura cameras make precision and expediency a priority. Since surveillance conditions can vary widely even for just one camera, the pressurized Siqura PTZ cameras also include a day/night (IR-cut) filter and backlight compensation as standard features that can be applied manually or automatically when lighting conditions require it. The wide dynamic range functionality ensures excellent video quality, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The advantages of IP

Each pressurized Siqura IP PTZ camera is capable of quad-streaming, supporting dual H.264 streams in addition to two highly configurable MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or MJPEG encoders. This flexibility in compression standards makes it easy for these Siqura cameras to offer the best quality video while at the same time streamlining network performance. Moreover, it advantageously facilitates a wide range of migration paths within IP networks.

Rotterdam Harbor

All Siqura IP cameras are designed to comply with worldwide adopted standards and are tested with leading VMS vendors. This makes it possible to easily integrate Siqura cameras into third-party systems. Furthermore, these Siqura IP PTZ cameras come with an easy-to-use, access-controlled, Web-based user interface, allowing users to configure or view video streams from a PC or even via handheld devices, such as the Siqura Multifunction Monitor.

In an effort to combat potential pitfalls, Siqura integrated the Siqura Camera Health Check into its IP cameras. The Camera Health Check is a program that guarantees the availability of quality video material. It continually assesses the status or well-being of the camera by monitoring the camera’s position and image quality. When something is amiss, the application triggers an alarm to promptly alert operators. This, in turn, provides a proactive approach towards system maintenance, potentially reducing the unnecessary costs generally associated with scheduled upkeep.

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