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AirLive 4G LTE gateways delivers wireless connectivity

AirLive 4G LTE gateways deliver wireless connectivity in daily life at both indoor and outdoor environments. Whenever connectivity is required for home, outdoor evens or transportation vehicle, Airlive can provide a high- performance and reliable surveillance connectivity solutions.

5 camera features improve business efficiency in your smart store

Managing a small shop is a very responsible task. It requires a lot of free time devoted to supervising staff, preparing statistics, care of the comfort of customers, etc. So people search for intelligent solutions that will ensure the safety of the store and allow remote contact with customers from anywhere in the world

AirLive debuts Smart Cube Camera SC-300W

AirLive is pleased to announce the launch of its new intelligent 3MP wireless SmartCube IPCAM 300W(SC-300W).The SmartCube camera features store entrance mode with people counting for shops, temperature and humidity sensors. SmartCube SC-300W is suitable for small shop owner the store management and house owner the home security.