UK threat report from Carbon Black finds 88% of UK businesses have been breached during the last year

Carbon Black has released the results of its second UK Threat Report. The research indicates that the UK’s cyber threat environment is intensifying. According to the report, attacks are growing in volume, and the average number of breaches has increased. The report analyses survey results from different vertical sectors, organisation sizes and IT team sizes to build a picture of the modern attack and cyber defence landscape in the UK.

Nearly half of young people in UK risking their future online safety thanks to rising trend of ‘re-data-ships’

Nearly half of young people in the UK are risking their future personal online safety thanks to a rising trend of ‘re-data-ships.’ The stark warning comes after a survey by a Government-funded cyber security programme found that young people have regularly shared their passwords or PINs with boyfriends and girlfriends. To prevent these ‘re-data-ships’, the programme has put together a list of tips to encourage young people to protect their

Regulation is the only way to control the IoT cyber-security threat, says Databarracks

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the source of more data breaches, as we see mass adoption and rapid growth in the number of connected devices, both in consumer products and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This is according to business continuity and disaster recovery firm, Databarracks. The scale of vulnerability of IoT was recently highlighted by Trend Micro, which found flaws in two of the most popular

All I want for Christmas: A CISO's wishlist

As Christmas fast approaches, CISOs and cyber security experts around the world are busy putting plans in place for 2019 and reflecting on what could have been done differently this year. The high-profile data breaches have been no secret – from British Airways to Dixons Carphone to Ticketmaster and the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 sent many IT professionals into a frenzy to ensure practices and procedures were in

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