Veracity and SoleraTec combine technologies to strengthen video surveillance solution


Combination provides affordable, managed online, near-line, and offline video surveillance recording and retrieval.

Veracity, the leader in connectivity and transmission solutions for IP Video, has formalised a technology partnership with video surveillance asset management (VSAM) solution provider SoleraTec.  See Veracity at its ASIS Booth #1479 in Orlando, Florida, September 19-21, 2011.

Both SoleraTec’sPheonix RSM (‘Record, Store, and Manage’) and Veracity’s COLDSTORE are specifically designed for energy saving and cost-efficient online, near-line and offline video surveillance asset management. COLDSTORE is a unique hardware platform designed for the video surveillance market.  Phoenix RSM is a complete video surveillance storage management software platform.  Together, these two products deliver a compelling solution to those organisations that need longer-term retention of their video surveillance feeds.

COLDSTORE is a network attached storage array (NAS) that can store up to 45 Terabytes of surveillance data across 15 disk drives that overcomes the reliability, data accessibility and power usage problems associated with traditional RAID-5 storage solutions.  Using patented LAID™ and SFS™ technologies, data is written sequentially to each disk drive in turn, moving the drive read/write head from the outside to the centre of the disk in a movement similar to a record player, thereby minimising wear and vibration.  Video is recorded onto COLDSTORE’s array using a unique overlapping mirrored-pair disk writing pattern, assuring resilience, yet minimising numbers of disks required. Each disk, once written, can be physically removed for offline storage or evidential transport. Stored video can be accessed from any computer via Veracity’s DISKPLAY cradle system.

Phoenix RSM provides advanced video surveillance data management, including live video capture and comprehensive video lifecycle management. Focused on the Record, Store, and Manage aspects of a forensics-based video surveillance system, Phoenix RSM delivers fast search and playback through multi-tiered storage. It delivers replication and migration of video assets to progressively less-expensive storage mediums, while fully managing the storage location of all video files, enabling rapid search and retrieval of relevant video scenes, regardless of how long ago they were captured.

Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity said:
“We are very pleased to be collaborating actively with a storage market leader that has built a multi-tiered storage solution which works perfectly with our COLDSTORE video surveillance system. Security customers will find the combined solutions’ ability to store, manage, archive and easily retrieve video, regardless of when it was recorded, very compelling. Several major Video Management System players are already integrated with SoleraTec’s Pheonix RSM solution so the potential for extending the market opportunity is very strong for us.”

Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec, added:
“The introduction of Veracity’s COLDSTORE product brings a unique and compelling solution to the video surveillance market and we are excited to be partnering with such a forward thinking organization. End users will be able to use Phoenix RSM to manage the retention and archiving of surveillance video integrated with other VMS systems such as Milestone or OnSSI and take full advantage of the total cost of ownership advantages that COLDSTORE brings to market. The coming together of these two innovative products is a clear win for the customer.”

About Veracity
Veracity has developed a family of innovative products to support IP-Surveillance and general IT data projects.  These products solve practical connectivity problems in IP system design and deployment. More generally, Veracity focuses on development of transmission, storage and display solutions.  It has specific expertise in supporting megapixel network video systems. The company has offices in the US and UK and its products are selling right across the world via direct sales and via a network of distributors.  For more information, please visit

About SoleraTec
SoleraTec is a leading developer of archive, storage, asset, and video lifecycle management software for corporate customers. SoleraTec leverages a heritage of nearly a decade and a half to deliver a level of quality, sophistication, and technological advancement that has established it as one of the premier data protection solution providers in the industry. SoleraTec works through OEM, dealer, and integrator relationships to deliver complete data protection solutions. The company was established in 1997 by a team of industry veterans with experience deploying data protection, HSM and storage lifecycle management solutions to some of the largest companies around the world. For more information, please visit

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