Access control – The technology campus

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Security Buyer Editor, Rebecca Spayne, takes you through an insightful site visit to access control solutions manufacturer, Paxton Access

I was recently invited to the headquarters of access control manufacturer Paxton for a site visit. When I arrived in Brighton, UK, on a small road adjacent to a beautiful park, and stood outside of the Paxton headquarters, I was not immediately surprised. But what appeared to be a typical office building on the outside, was in fact a hub of innovation, collaboration and vision.   

My colleague and I entered a bright and open lobby and were greeted by the friendly receptionist. After confirming our appointment, we were granted a bright green lanyard, with a name card and directed to the lobby. My phone immediately pinged with a greetings email providing all necessary information in case of an emergency. An easy and reassuring way to make me feel secure within their premise.  

Adorning the lobby were two quotes from the Founder and CEO of Paxton, which perfectly encapsulated the vision for the company, and emphasised the drive for innovation that all security companies should aspire to have. Anthony Brotherton-Ratcliffe, Founder of Paxton, states, “I founded Paxton in 1985. My vision was to create an innovative and long-standing technology company that has a positive impact on the world around it. It gives me enormous pleasure to witness the progression of the company to this day.”  

Adam Stroud, CEO of Paxton welcomes you by saying, “I have had the privilege of working here [at Paxton] for over two decades. In that time, we have seen remarkable progress, but our journey is far from complete. We aspire to be world-class in all that we do, we value our people highly, and we make decisions that are right for the long-term”.   

We began our tour in the support centre, an open plan office specifically designed to enable the support team to best help the Paxton customer. The office itself echoes sustainability and modernity with the vibrant green colour of the Paxton logo emphasised in the living moss wall, with an open ceiling unifying both buildings, exposing a modern and sustainable aesthetic.   

The hustle and bustle of the office gave a nod back to pre-pandemic normality, before the hybrid working landscape emerged. Surprisingly, our tour guide, Paxton’s PR Specialist Richie Leonard, informed us that actually the office does partake in a hybrid working format. The energy in the room seemed to prove that despite being able to work from the comfort of their home, all employees were excited to be in the office, and felt valued by their employer, and comfortable in an innovative and welcoming space.   

Technology Centre  

Next, we passed through a proximity reader entrance, with the swift beep of a wireless key card, and entered the Technology Centre. This building was previously an old bread factory, so you can imagine the sheer size of this open plan building. The Technology Centre is the first step in Paxton’s vision of creating a ‘Technology Campus’ dedicated to innovative new ideas and products for the security industry. The building is virtually brand new, having opened just before the pandemic began. It is dedicated to the developers and engineers of Paxton to maximise their creativity and output.   


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