Developing enhanced port security strategies and technologies

port-genericPorts remain the primary gateway for international trade and the security of these ports cannot be understated. Recent developments in some of the region’s ports have stressed the need for sophisticated technologies and best practice training strategies, to help manage the challenge of safeguarding vessels and cargo from increasingly complex and demanding internal and external threats. Whilst there has been some progression in terms of development and upgrading, particularly following Joint Ventures with Dutch port authorities in Oman, there is still plenty of scope to improve port security across the region.

In order to extend our Seaport Security series across the region and address the region’s port security concerns, IQPC and GEC have launched Port Security Middle East 2013. This conference will highlight the major security challenges currently facing port authorities across the region, to identify strategies to streamline security measures, optimise security operations and prevent incidents.

Port Security Middle East 2013 will provide you with valuable information and facilitate dialogue on state-of-the-art security technologies, critical concerns, security and response coordination, and best solutions for the commercial transportation community. By attending this interactive two day conference you will have the opportunity to network and engage port industry experts and stakeholders to effectively manage and prevent breaches in security.


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