The IMD-2002 motion detector


InnoSenT is launching a new radar sensor for motion detection. The new IMD-2002 is a further development of the successful IMD-2000 motion detector.

The special feature of the product is that it locates detected objects by measuring the angle and distance. Thanks to top-of-the-line technical performance, the development team managed to install this extended functionality in a compact radar sensor at low cost and in high quality.

IMD-2002 – motion detector with angle and distance measurement

The 24 GHz sensor uses FSK modulation to detect moving objects or people. The radar measures its speed, distance, angle and detects the direction of movement. The detection range is typically 16 m for a person.

The sensor’s field of view is 90° in azimuth and 48° in elevation. The measurable speed range is between 0.18 and 23.04 km/h. This allows slowly approaching objects to be reliably detected.

The size of the product is only 30 x 30 x 12.7 mm. The sensor fits easily into existing product designs. The IMD-2002 outputs the measured values as a target list via a UART interface.

The radar sensor is ideal for outdoor use and is resistant to poor weather and lighting conditions. Even extreme temperatures from -30 to +80°C have no effect on performance.

The IMD-2002 allows motion-dependent control and automation of functions such as alarm triggering, door opening or light control.

Useful features for efficient motion detection

With the IMD-2002, the integrator has extensive configuration options to optimally match the detection to the individual application. In addition to adjusting the range, the radar sensor offers various filter options, for example. The detection results can be filtered by speed, angle, signal strength (RCS) and distance. The manufacturer or user focuses the motion detection on the value ranges that are relevant for their application.

It is also possible to ignore small animals based on the RCS value or to define an alarm zone using the distance values. This reduces false arms and increases the efficiency of motion detection.

In addition, the sensor has integrated blocking detection. This intelligent function outputs a signal when the product’s transmitting and receiving antenna is blocked by, for example, targeted shielding.

Technical finesse makes object localisation possible

Following the product success of the IMD-2000, the company set itself the ambitious goal of offering even more functionality and performance for its customers in the InnoSenT Motion Detection series.

The low-budget product range consists of user-friendly, easy-to-integrate sensors that are flexibly ready for use in various motion detection applications for large-scale productions. Another condition is to achieve the lowest possible prices and compact dimensions with maximum performance and quality.

The new IMD-2002 sensor also follows these principles. It functionally diversifies the range of motion detection products. The challenge during development was to design an FSK radar unit with angle measurement without driving up the material and development costs.


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