Three new services from Prism Lighting at Intersec 2016

Three new services from Prism Lighting at Intersec 2016

Three new services from Prism Lighting at Intersec 2016

A well-established American company to introduce state-of-the-art Prism Inflatable Light (PIL), Prism Balloon Light (PBL) and Prism Emergency Triage Lights (PETL) in the Middle East market at Intersec, the region’s premier exhibition and conference for security, safety and fire protection.

The PIL is a portable, inflatable light that illuminates up to 17,000 square feet; the PIL can be transported in the trunk of a car and set up by one person in less than 3 minutes. PIL works with and without access to regular power. Made of synthetic fabric and an air-inflated cylinder, the light source (250 or 1000 watt metal halide lamp) rises up to 9 / 15 feet and provides excellent illumination over an area. The system can also be supplied with an autonomous generator for continuous power source.

PIL was recently featured at Fiesta Playera in Jacksonville Beach to show how the product can illuminate a public event area and assist with traffic and crowd control. Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness and JIA have expressed interest in the product.

“I can certainly see applications for this product in our business,” according to Chuck Jerris, General Manager of Jacksonville Airport Authority. “It’s fast deployment, coupled with the fact that it can be moved around without a power source, is perfect for locations such as ours that cover a large area.”

“The fact that it can easily be managed by a single person, is definitely a hot button” according to Manish Kothari, owner of Prism. “In the event of an emergency situation, it’s important that site logistics, such as lighting, are handled efficiently and effectively. For this reason we are excited about our opportunities in disaster management and homeland security.”

Jacksonville, Florida (USA) based Prism Lighting Services, LLC. is the sole licensed manufacturer & distributor of the product for the entire world. “This product is perfect for emergency services or any company that works at night, such as construction companies and even large public events,” said Manish Kothari, CEO of Prism. “Because the PIL is portable and self-sustaining, it’s an extremely convenient and cost-effective light source that can be moved around to accommodate any situation.”

PIL has been utilized in 30+ countries around the world. The product has been used by railway systems and airports, golf clubs, in addition to the military, mining operations, manufacturing and fire and police services.

Prism Balloon Lights – Features

• Our LEDs are very efficient: our 200-Watt light only pulls 2.5 amps, where a 2000-watt Halogen light pulls approximately 16 amps and is not as bright. Wattage per lumen of light output can’t be matched by any other light on the market Instant restrike, extremely mobile, and can be plugged into any 110 outlet. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

• Our LED cells last on average 100,000 hours and upwards of 120,000. Can be powered by an inverter instead of a generator because of its low amp draw. For use with a generator, two lights will run off one 1kW generator

• Because of the low amp draw, our LED light balloons can easily be powered off a small solar panel or battery pack for remote locations where generators aren’t available or feasible

• Can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility, great for flagger stations or anywhere diffused lighting needs to be mobile

• Our balloon design allows for the extremely bright and directed LED cells light to be filtered and diffused so that it is easy on the eyes and safe to work around

• Ideal for year-round use, even in extreme conditions: weather-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant balloon

Prism Emergency Triage Lights
PETL are a newly patented technology available for the first time to nonmilitary personnel. Developed in conjunction with United States Special Operating Forces the PETL are a new triage device and method for use that offers a faster, easier, and more effective way of marking and prioritizing individuals for medical care at the scenes of various emergency situations such as natural disasters, plane crashes, train and automobile accidents and other mass-casualty incidents.

PETL are easy to place and provide accurate information relating to a victims degree of injury. This improved triage tagging system is easy to see in the dark, underwater and in buried situations, where traditional tags have been proven as inadequate. Complete darkness and underwater settings prevent the cards from being read and from being clearly seen from a distance. Further, triage tagging is often performed under the most harried of conditions as well as increasing and heightened when smoke, dust and poor weather conditions obscure the ability to determine the triage status and to manually corresponding fill out a comment card too.

The PETL provide illuminated signals that visually provide the triage status of an injured person/animal at a distance and in low visibility settings such as in the rain, fog, snow, in areas of dense undergrowth and multiple other scenarios. PETL are Combat proven and have been used in actual mass casualty situations by U.S. Air Force medics.

In addition to being used as triage tags, PETL can take the place of traditional emergency light sources such as chemical light sticks while offering numerous benefits over and above what the chemical light sticks offer.
Prism Lighting products are currently available in 30+ countries and will soon be expanded to other countries. Prism is seeking dealers who are interested in carrying PIL, PBL and PETL to expand distribution in the Middle East.

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