Video Security Specialist IPS and Integration Partner A2VI at Sicur 2020


IPS Intelligent Video Analytics will be presenting its diverse high security solutions at Spain’s leading international security event. Together with the newly founded Spanish integration partner aproxXImate to video intelligence (A2VI), the German manufacturer of video security systems IPS will exhibit for the first time at Sicur 2020.

Apart from a 3D-capable video management system, IPS offers twelve different video analytics modules for automatic real-time detection of movement, sabotage, intrusion, loitering and other actions. With the help of the web-based platform IPS Analytics Manager, most of these analytics functions can also be used in video management systems from other manufacturers, such as Milestone.

The use of video analytics software and activity-controlled recording help companies to reduce the amount of data in their video surveillance systems significantly. This not only saves costs, but also supports the work of the security staff and enables relevant video material to be searched within seconds.

The particular strength of IPS video analytics lies in the very reliable alerting function, even in difficult weather conditions. This makes IPS an expert in high security applications, such as correctional facilities, energy providers or other critical infrastructures. In Germany alone, over 50 prisons are equipped with IPS technology.

The technology start-up aproXXImate to video intelligence (A2VI) is the ideal partner for IPS in the Spanish security market.

Alain H. Benoit, Head of Product Marketing and Sales at IPS, said: “We have been working with company founder Ignacio Cortes for decades. He and his team know the IPS products perfectly and we look forward to a further cooperation under the new company name.”

“We have plenty of trust in IPS, not only for the highest quality products they develop but also due to the excellence in the support they provide at all levels,” confirms Ignacio Cortés, aproXXImate to video intelligence (A2VI) founder.


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