16 channel NET-i Ware recording software ‘give-away’ promotion from Samsung

Samsung NET-i Ware
Samsung NET-i Ware

Samsung is giving away 16 channel NET-i Ware recording software with the sale of its iPOLiS megapixel and network cameras.

The promotion, which runs until 30th June 2011, is available to all installers and system integrators throughout Europe who have participated in the NET-i Ware training programme.

“A four-channel version of Samsung’s NET-i Ware has always been available license-free with various upgrade versions on offer to allow a user to control up to 64 recording channels,” said Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager Europe, Samsung Techwin Europe Limited. “We decided however to introduce this promotion to encourage installers and system integrators to attend one of our free training sessions and by doing so, become familiar with the capabilities of NET-i Ware.”

In order to qualify for the promotion, installers must have completed a NET-i Ware training course available directly from Samsung or approved distributors, and purchase a minimum of four Samsung megapixel cameras or eight VGA network cameras.

NET-i Ware recording management software is designed to facilitate the easy set up, administration, full control, monitoring and recording of images captured by the company’s iPOLiS megapixel and network camera and dome ranges, and allow images to be recorded and played back via a PC across the network. With this in mind, Samsung’s design engineers have packed the NET-i Ware software with features to ensure operators are able to take full advantage of the latest IP technology.

The device registration process of the NET-i Ware software allows an operator to almost effortlessly register, modify or delete up to 64 Network devices and configure each one individually for scheduled pre and post event recording. Various compression methods are supported, including H.264, MPEG-4 & MJPEG. Multiple back-up video formats are also supported as are a number of audio formats, e.g.  G.726, G.711, G.723 and PCM.

For further details about taking advantage of this offer, please speak to your local Samsung representative or distributor.

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