Crossword cybersecurity consulting gaining traction

Crossword cybersecurity consulting gaining traction

Crossword Cybersecurity plc., is pleased to announce that its Consulting division have recently signed numerous agreements including three with companies spanning the automotive, insurance and property sectors, to work with them on improving their cyber security posture.

An industry-leading cyber transformation project has begun with a global pioneer in connected vehicle data. Crossword Cybersecurity will assist the company with implementing a globally recognised cyber security standard, ranking it amongst major global players in the technology industry. Achieving this standard will enable the firm to work more efficiently with any global automotive manufacturer.

Consulting has also secured business with a leading international insurance broker that conducts business in the Lloyd’s of London market. A third-party audit left the organisation with a long list of security measures to implement but lacking sufficient in-house expertise to do so. Crossword Consulting worked with the organisation to offer advice on how best to improve their cyber maturity. Since developing the organisation’s prioritised cyber security strategy, Crossword will now also be carrying out the transformation work and implementing the practical recommendations they devised to make the organisation more resilient.

The consulting division has implemented its Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) product with an SME property investment firm. One of the key cyber security challenges organisations are currently facing, is understanding and implementing the most appropriate levels of cyber maturity for their company, and therefore allocating their cyber security budget efficiently. In response to these challenges, Crossword launched vCISO – a virtual/remote CISO service, provided and managed by Crossword Consulting cyber security experts. The vCISO service provides clients with a virtual cyber security team and network protection at a fraction of the cost of building their own team and clients are also able to leverage the deep cyber security and technical expertise provided by Crossword and Reliance ACSN.

Crossword’s Consulting team offer a full range of Consulting services from Cyber Assurance and Auditing, Penetration testing, Third Party Assurance and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). Whatever an organisation’s size or level of cyber maturity, Crossword Consulting is able to offer a service tailored to its needs.

Regarding the recent deal announcements, Stuart Jubb, Managing Director of Crossword Consulting, said: “We are delighted that Crossword Consulting is making such headway, especially in terms of breaking ground into new sectors and with large corporations. This reflects the high regard in which our consultants are held, in what is an extremely competitive market. It is a pleasure to announce our second vCISO client and note that there are multiple vCISO opportunities in our pipeline. We believe that by using our vCISO service, clients are able to have peace of mind that they are taking the right measures to protect themselves from cyber security attacks whilst achieving excellent value for money.”


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