Elmdene generates surge of interest in switch mode power supplies at IFSEC Arabia

Elmdene_switch_modePSU_ (Custom)Elmdene International Limited, the innovative electronic security and fire products manufacturer and subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC, is set to secure major orders, and sign-up distributors, for its highly efficient and reliable switch mode PSUs following the company’s first attendance at the IFSEC & OSH Arabia exhibition held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the end of November 2013. In fact, Elmdene estimates that two-thirds of visitors to its stand generated high quality leads well in excess of pre-show predictions.

The company says that its strategic decision to attend the show, with a view to finalising lucrative distribution deals, and to make contact with some of the main contractors and installers across the Kingdom, has turned out to be the right one. As part of this concerted effort to expand Elmdene’s brand recognition across Saudi Arabia a series of on and off-stand meetings were held with prospective customers during IFSEC & OSH Arabia. These ranged from three of the main local distributors to a multi-national contractor engaged in building management, access control, intruder, CCTV and fire solutions.

Considering Elmdene’s product lines, it is reported that visitors to IFSEC & OSH Arabia expressed considerable interest in the advanced switch mode PSUs on offer, product lines where the company has already seen a 35% up-turn in demand year-on-year across EMEA. In addition, attention was drawn to a relatively recent addition to Elmdene’s portfolio, the UPS12-2200. Essentially the UPS12-2200 is a compact and cost-effective in-line UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which can back-up 12V dc devices to 10W (800mA). Alongside this, internal and external sounders for intruder alarm systems also caught the eye of attendees.

Looking in more detail at the latest switch mode PSUs from Elmdene, the company emphasises that these are ideally suited for deployment in Saudi Arabia thanks to their ability to offer a higher level of efficiency (typically 80-87%) and to run cooler than traditional linear devices. In practice, such features help users to benefit from lower operational costs and, crucially, make the PSUs less susceptible to failure in high temperature conditions.

Unlike the models of some other vendors, Elmdene points out that its switch mode PSUs are designed to cope with a wide operational range (90V to 260V) so, for example, they can run with a 110V supply and remain working as locations in the Kingdom transition to 230V. This heightened range also ensures that Elmdene’s PSUs are very tolerant of input mains voltage fluctuations, something that may, potentially, be an issue in more remote locations.

Says Paul King, Elmdene’s Commercial Director: “We are delighted with how IFSEC & OSH Arabia has turned out for us. The whole idea of exhibiting was to provide us with a springboard, through the right distribution deals, to expand our Middle East operations to the Kingdom, a country which is now, far and away, the largest security and fire products market in the region.

“Building on the contacts made over our three intensive days in Riyadh, I believe that Elmdene is well positioned to make significant in-roads into this vital market over the next 12 months. There is now a strong recognition amongst those we talked to of the benefits of switch mode PSUs and, most importantly, the quality of the industry-leading solutions we offer.”

For more information on Elmdene and its products please call +44(0)23 9269 6638, email: sales@elmdene.co.uk and log on to www.elmdene.co.uk. The company is particularly interested in hearing from distributors in Saudi Arabia who may want to stock its solutions. Elmdene also has a YouTube Channel which can be found at www.youtube.com/ElmdeneInternational, you can also follow the company on Twitter at twitter.com/ElmdeneIntLtd.

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