Fujitsu and Tanium sign partnership agreement for future collaboration

Fujitsu Limited and Tanium Inc. have signed Tanium’s first managed services agreement in Japan, allowing Fujitsu to leverage the Tanium platform to deliver network security services to its customers.
Based on the agreement, Fujitsu will begin offering Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Service FENICS CloudProtect Real-time Visualisation Service (Real-time Visualisation Service) – providing network security for endpoints that integrates the security dashboard developed by Fujitsu with visibility into endpoints using Tanium’s platform.
The Tanium platform provides near real-time visibility of endpoints, including servers and PCs, and with these new proposed services, organisations will be able to build business resilience by reducing the frequency of disruptions, minimising the severity of them, while accelerating recovery.
This practice ensures that the technology running the business can adapt to disruptions, allowing the enterprise to achieve cost-effective business resilience immediately.
Under this new service, Fujitsu will provide comprehensive support to businesses, ranging from system deployment to operations, monitoring and maintenance.
With a rapid growth in the volume of data handled over the internet and companies relying heavily on the cloud, corporate networks are currently facing unprecedented levels of risk and threats to security that continue to increase every year.
To address these challenges, Fujitsu and Tanium will collaborate to bring together their respective security strategies and expertise to strengthen customers’ network security.

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