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Security Buyer takes a look at how video surveillance and access control can be utilised in the hotel and casino space to reduce crime and improve employee safety 

For hotels, casinos and gaming facilities, there are a number of moving parts when it comes to security – from managing multiple points of entry and deterring theft, to reducing fraud and complying with regulations. Navigating the challenges brought on by a global pandemic has only heightened these security responsibilities further. However, by harnessing the power of contactless technologies, video surveillance and access control, hotels and casinos can continue to provide high levels of security, while protecting the health and safety of their guests.

Biometrics in casinos 

Like many industries, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a profound impact on the global casino industry, despite doors having been reopened to the public. Many people are still vulnerable or anxious when it comes to the coronavirus, and therefore want to be reassured by hotel, event and leisure facilities that their cleanliness is up to code. This even extends to the security systems that in-house staff use to minimise contagion and improve security.  

Casinos on the other hand, face a unique set of challenges to protect the safety of their customers and staff, with factors such as the exchanging of money, use of slot machines and passing of chips all making it difficult to operate as a contactless environment. “By making the switch to contactless access control systems, casinos can minimise the risk of spreading contagious diseases among their staff and guests,” explains Gallagher’s Regional Manager for South East Asia, David Thean.  

It is not just the elimination of the potential spread of Covid-19 that provides biometric access control as a secure integration into any casino’s security system, but also the nature of biometrics. Casinos are known for the hustle and bustle of people, the constant 24-hour life that emanates from within. So, with the vast number of people inside a building at one time, casino owners must always be hot on their toes when it comes to access control for employees to ensure that no intruders can access valuable points, such as the cash registers/vaults etc within the premise. Biometrics offers a unique identification as opposed to keycards, fobs or keys that are prone to becoming lost, stolen or broken. Implementing biometrics with facial, iris or thumb recognition, casinos can protect assets and people from theft. 

Video surveillance in casinos 

Some of the best security solutions to integrate and couple with your biometric or access control systems, are video surveillance. The gaming industry faces significant challenges in security and fraud reduction: safeguarding guests and employees, protecting critical assets, and striving to gather intelligence to prevent major breaches and fraud. Stringent regulations must also be followed to maintain the integrity of operations and comply with governing bodies. 

Casino surveillance departments use video surveillance to gather data and address threats in real-time. It is a critical tool that allows operators to investigate events quickly, while mitigating future risk. 

Modern video surveillance systems have complete situational awareness, operational effectiveness and improves emergency responsiveness in casinos. Systems allow operators to detect and respond quickly to undesirable behaviour while capturing details even in extreme lighting conditions – allowing for 24/7/365 recording and full…

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