Navtech Radar to showcase award winning AGS1600 EXTREME at Intersec 2014

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One of Navtech Radar’s Solar powered Radar wide area surveillance solutions

Navtech Radar is set to exhibit its award winning AdvanceGuard AGS1600 EXTREME radar, specifically developed to cope with the environmental and climate conditions found in oil & gas exploration and production, at Intersec 2014. The solution will be showcased in conjunction with Witness, the company’s advanced control software suite, at the exhibition which takes place between January 19-21 in Dubai, UAE. In addition to showcasing the AGS1600 EXTREME, the company will also demonstrate wide area surveillance for airports. The latest airport projects completed include Bristol Airport in the UK and Valencia Airport in Spain.

Keith Chapman, Head of Global Sales, Security Division at Navtech Radar, says, “We know from experience that most of the oil & gas facilities in the Middle East and worldwide are located in geographical areas with very tough environmental conditions. In many instances the use of physical barriers is rendered difficult if not impossible. The AdvanceGuard security surveillance solution is an ideal choice as it can cope with any environmental condition. Wind, snow, rain, fog, and sand has no effect and do not influence its ability to detect any potential threats, whereas other technologies based on visual images would often fail to detect.

Keith Chapman_300
Keith Chapman, Head of Global Sales, Navtech Radar

Valencia Airport in Spain has become one of the latest European Airports to conform with new EU Regulations (EC 300/2008), stipulating that measures for perimeter intrusion must be in place by 2015. Valencia Airport has installed the Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard solution, which comprises the AGS1600 Radar together with the cutting edge, analytical , rules based software “Witness”. The Witness software is able to manage false alarms down to a minimum while being able todistinguish between ‘friend’ and ‘intruder’, and in the latter case follow the intruder – which akes it much easier, and faster, to direct the intercepting security patrols. For wide area applications such as Oil & Gas facilities and airports, the AdvanceGuard solution gives superior track and trace capability in comparison to other types of technology solutions. I would especially like to highlight that the benefits include automatic tracking and rule- zone setting flexibility within the Witness software suite. The system’s alarm log and operator acknowledgement features also provides a complete audit trail.”

Navtech’s radar solution facilitates early detection of potential danger and tracks approaching individuals before they reach the perimeter, thus gaining valuable time to direct CCTV cameras and manned guards to intercept. This is particularly useful in oil & gas facilities as they often need security solutions covering very large geographical areas. Branded AdvanceGuard™ the solution can be retro fitted to CCTV cameras which will immediately provide visual images of whatever incident has been detected by the radar. The solution will further integrate with other electronic devices.

Navtech Radar will be exhibiting at the British Pavilion Stand S1-427C.. For more information on AdvanceGuard email:  For more information about Navtech please visit

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