New Year, Stolen Gear! UK residents forewarned of January crime spike

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An East Midlands based CCTV firm has warned of a spike in burglary and vehicle crime just after Christmas, as full homes become targets for criminals.

Chase Dobbie, founder and CEO of security firm, Donington CCTV, is urging people to take measures to avoid becoming a casualty of the regular New Year increase in crime.

According to Nottinghamshire Police crime statistics online, 622 burglaries took place across the county in December 2018, which increased to 722 in January 2019. Vehicle crime also increased from 708 to 774 over the same two months and it’s a pattern that is commonly seen across England and Wales.

Chase Dobbie, founder and CEO of Donington CCTV, said: “There’s no doubt that January is a bumper time for burglaries. Cars are full of valuables, houses are full of expensive new merchandise and, once Christmas Day is done, lots of houses tend to be vacant, as people travel to spend time with family.

“Around 50% of my Nottingham based customers come to me because they’ve already been the victims of crime. I would urge people to get ahead of the game by investing in a CCTV system before the worst happens.”

Mr Dobbie believes that financial pressures also play a part in the spike. He said: “Increased post-Christmas debt, combined with festive cash flow issues, can create greater financial pressure than at any other time of year – and when desperation comes together with opportunity, it’s inevitable that crime figures go up.”

In light of the trends, Mr Dobbie is keen to let people know how to avoid becoming victims of crime. He said: “People often hide new equipment, pull curtains and leave the odd light on to help ward off interest from burglars. If, however, your rubbish bins are full of packaging, it doesn’t take much for a thief to work out whether your house is a lucrative target. So either hide your rubbish in a locked garage or do a skip run so there are no obvious clues.”

Mr Dobbie is also keen to stress that the latest equipment is much more discreet, advanced and affordable than it once was. A modern CCTV system can give you recorded footage of any disturbances, as well as live mobile phone alerts in the event that an intruder reaches the boundary of your property.

He continued: “You can now get a small house fully protected with front and back coverage, 2k resolution and smart infra-red night vision for as little as £550.

“For bigger houses, you might need a four-camera system but, given the peace of mind it brings and the potential savings in terms of lost belongings and insurance premiums, it’s probably the best Christmas present money can buy.”

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