Product spotlight – FLIR Triton FH-Series

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FLIR presents their latest thermal imaging, multispectral fixed camera range, the Triton FH-Series and explores how it is ideal for harsh perimeter security 

The Triton FH-Series are ruggedised, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate thermal imaging for detection with 4K visible imaging to help identify intruders in harsh perimeter security settings.  Part of the Teledyne FLIR premium Triton family of cameras, the Triton FH-Series delivers both intrusion detection and video verification through its high-resolution thermal and visible imaging capabilities. These features plus the ability to capture vital details using 4K imagery enables security personnel to properly identify and assess situations, significantly improving response time. 

Critical infrastructure facilities will benefit from technological advancements, such as highly accurate convolutional neural network (CNN)-based video analytics for both thermal and visible spectrums, which minimise false alarms and aid in geo-locating threats for superior situational awareness. The on-board scheduling tool gives the operator the ability to select the type of analytics used to make detections based on time of day, business hours, and seasonality. Additionally, radiometric versions of the Triton FH-Series can be used for early fire detection applications to help critical sites operate safely and efficiently. 

System integrators must tackle several challenges when deploying perimeter protection. These challenges include finding technologies that monitor wide areas, perform in harsh environments, and accurately classify threats. Rain, snow, fog, smoke and other unfavourable weather can negatively affect traditional sensors. Other challenges include video surveillance and analytics being adversely impacted by poor imaging conditions, such as minimal light or complete darkness. Ultimately, these solutions yield grainy, indistinguishable video where your security customers are unable to see approaching threats and are vulnerable to breaches. The new Teledyne FLIR Triton FH-Series multispectral fixed cameras that combine both thermal imaging and 4K visible imaging in one solution address these challenges, allowing for superior threat assessment and intruder identification at the perimeter. By deploying the Triton FH-Series, security personnel gain a ruggedised, fixed camera that is always on, always working, and always assessing the perimeter. This means, that in any lighting or weather condition, the security camera will be able to capture events as they unfold, share verified alerts, deliver actionable insights to appropriate personnel, and collect detailed information for forensic review. 

Traditionally, system integrators have mounted both thermal and visible cameras along the fence line. However, by deploying the Triton FH-Series, system integrators gain a two-in-one camera solution with both thermal and visible imagers under one housing. As a result, installers only have to work with one Ethernet and cable connection for simplified installation, shorter labor time and reduced project expenses. In addition, the Triton FH-Series cameras are ONVIF Conformant S/G/T and can tightly integrate with FLIR United VMS and many major third-party VMS systems for real-time alarming and clip playback. 


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