Product Spotlight: Velocity Vision


Propelling enhanced intelligence across the enterprise, Identiv identifies how raising awareness for real-time situational surveillance with an open security platform is crucial 

When an organisation implements new technology, stakeholders have more than a few expectations. Technologies must be fast, reliable, safe and provide valuable insight to improve operations. Meeting these expectations is essential when deploying a comprehensive solution to streamline processes while simultaneously providing a complete picture of the entire enterprise. 

As people and organisations look to the IoT and connected devices for convenience, functionality, and oversight, it is critical to implement fully customisable solutions and integrate them into existing systems to provide increased situational awareness.  

This demand extends far beyond the IT and business systems we rely on to elevate everyday operations. Once a siloed department viewed as a cost center, physical security is now a critical part of the conversation around overall brand protection, personal safety, and monitoring. It plays a vital role in helping bridge the gap between technology and positive business outcomes. This should not come as a surprise. The physical security world is now deeply interconnected to the digital world. 

The problem isn’t security, it’s awareness 

Identiv’s Velocity Vision is the future of visual surveillance: an intelligent video management solution delivering real-time situational awareness in an open security platform. Integrate with your existing systems, verify your environment in one pane of glass, and increase the efficiency of your security operations  — get full control of your environment when and where you need it. 

Information is power, and together, access control and video surveillance are a powerful combination. The better information you have, the better you can run your security program and verify your world with the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Our unified, open-platform video management system is designed to provide a data-enabled security solution to help organisations realise new levels of intelligence in a single-pane-of-glass view. By combining information from multiple systems, you can collect more intelligent security and business data to support complex security strategies, reducing the gap between siloed systems and data capture. This approach makes it easier to connect external systems and data in dashboards, maps, and investigations. 

End-to-end security platform 

In today’s world, the benefits of being open and integrating with other connected devices far outweigh the potential negatives. Modern-day customers and partners seek an inherently scalable security management platform delivering total situational awareness to propel faster response, more comprehensive case management, and greater compliance. The ability to leverage all types of network-connected platforms in conjunction with other open, intelligent solutions empowers security operators to make smarter decisions because they can see, record, and react to environments and access better data. 

Technologies are only valuable if they are easy to purchase, deploy, and manage. The convergence of physical security and IT, and the demand for more data, have altered the way people and businesses connect and collaborate. As the growth in network connectivity and web-enabled devices increases, so does the need for greater security of physical assets, networks and valuable corporate data.  

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Product Spotlight: Velocity Vision

Propelling enhanced intelligence across the enterprise, Identiv identifies how raising awareness for real-time situational surveillance with an open security platform is crucial  When an organisation


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