Raytec IR leaves criminals frozen out in Finland

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Raytec Finland
Raytec Finland

Raytec’s RAYMAX Infra-Red LED lighting has been chosen to secure various waste recycling points across Finland and is currently delivering excellent CCTV images in extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice, and freezing winds. The new IR lighting is successfully tackling fly-tipping for leading Finnish waste management company, Ita-Uundenmaan Jatehuolto who control the sites. As part of a remotely monitored CCTV solution installed by Lastmile Connection Service (LMCS), the IR lighting works in conjunction with network cameras to capture clear images of both vehicles and offenders who dump waste illegally during the hours of darkness.

RAYMAX lights incorporate the latest energy-efficient LED technology, are long lasting and require zero maintenance. They are robust, reliable units which stand up well in the challenging Finnish weather conditions.

“The Infra-Red lighting allows us to capture high quality images from the collection site even when it’s dark,” says Service Manager Tuija Klaus at Itä-Uudenmaan Jätehuolto. Armed with new, high quality video data, Ita-Uundenmaan Jatehuolto is now able to identify the culprits and to bill them, allowing the waste management company to recover transportation costs for re-delivering the illegal waste to the correct site.

Images are stored locally and also sent to Ita-Uundenmaan Jatehuolto’s servers via a 3G network, with recording and data-transfer triggered by video motion detection (VMD). Before high quality lighting was installed, the images captured on site were noisy and constantly moving, triggering continual data transfer even when there was no physical movement on scene.

“The use of good lighting is critical in remote surveillance applications such as this, which rely on video motion detection,” points out Raytec’s Sales & Marketing Director David Lambert. “Not only does Raytec lighting ensure that sharp, detailed images are captured every time, it also allows the VMD to work properly by minimising unwanted ‘noise’ in the picture”.

Service Manager Tuija Klaus adds, “The high quality IR lighting not only improves the performance of the site cameras, but allows us to save money by significantly reducing the bandwidth and storage requirements of the network system”.
Improved security at the recycling points is not only saving money and helping protect the environment, but it has also had other welcome benefits says Tuija Klaus, not least in attracting new paying customers to the cleaner, safer and secured waste sites.

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