Raytec IR protects Malaga Cathedral

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The latest RAYMAX covert Infra-Red lighting technology from Raytec is being used to improve security and safety at Malaga Cathedral, on Spain’s Costa del Sol. The baroque cathedral is one of the city’s main tourist attractions and is situated close to a number of other historic buildings in the city centre.

So when planners decided to improve surveillance at the site with a new CCTV system, it had to be designed so that it would have minimal visual impact. The use of high quality, Infra-Red lighting was a key part of the solution. “Lighting is an essential ingredient for CCTV systems – without adequate lighting at night the images will be grainy and sub-standard,” explains David Lambert, Raytec’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “But in tourist areas it may not be acceptable to have much, or indeed any, additional visible lighting which may detract from the ambience of the scene.”

To solve the problem, the RAYMAX Infra-Red units were chosen because they don’t cause light pollution and allow high performance CCTV images to be seen at night. “As the light from the RAYMAX illuminators is invisible to the human eye, they increase security around Malaga Cathedral without detracting from the unique character of the building, and their neat look fits in well within the architecturally sensitive environment” explains David.

Raytec’s energy-efficient illuminators – including both Infra-Red and White-Light – are deployed world-wide at sites ranging from Royal Palaces, tourist attractions and public areas to dedicated high security compounds. In addition all Raytec illuminators consume significantly less power compared to traditional lamps, delivering lower running costs, longer product life and zero maintenance.

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