SECOM Plc opens new office

Since being formed in 1991, SECOM Plc has been growing steadily. The latest result of this expansion has been a move into a new building, as SECOM Midlands found that its existing offices were no longer the right size to meet its needs.
The firm’s Midlands office previously occupied a building from the 1960s on the outskirts of Birmingham, which had been its headquarters since 2000. However, in 2000 SECOM’s client base was smaller and it didn’t need to employ nearly as many people. In the 15 years since then, SECOM Midlands has grown significantly.
Since 2000 the firm has become the largest security provider to the banking sector in the UK, while also offering impressive fire services. Its national account contract base has grown impressively as a result. This has necessitated a move, as the Birmingham offices are now too small.
In particular, the need for a larger storage facility meant SECOM had to move. Not only has its contract base increased, but the company has also improved the various services it offers its clients. This means having the capacity to hold bonded stock for key clients became very important.
When combined with increasing staffing levels and a growing portfolio, it was clear SECOM needed a new location. It has now found that, in the form of a former NHS dialysis unit built in 1994. The building was abandoned two years ago due to the construction of a new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which rendered it obsolete.
The search for the new building was intensive, with discussions surrounding the move beginning in 2014, but on August 10th 2015 SECOM purchased the old dialysis unit. The firm then organised a programme to develop and refurbish the building, which began on October 5th and continued for nine weeks.
SECOM’s new Midlands’ offices cover an area of 7,500 square feet, and the storage area is four times the size of the company’s old premises. Its intention is to use this centre for staff members from all around the UK, and as such SECOM has constructed a lounge and meeting area in the new facility.
The firm has also developed a new training centre, which is some way towards realising its goal of a National Apprentice Centre for SECOM UK. The company is a founder stakeholder of the Government Trailblazer Apprentice scheme, and has plans for a second training room for future apprentices.
Paul Weaver, SECOM’s general manager for UK operations, said: “This new facility and new location has been beneficial to all of our staff. The site is in a secure prime location on Aston Cross Business Village with local waterways, wildlife and shops on site.
“The morale of our staff has improved significantly as they all had an input into its design throughout the process. They now have a new modern, open-plan designed building which I am sure all of my staff are very proud to work in.”
SECOM moved into its new Midlands offices on December 7th. The facility is located in Birmingham’s Aston Cross Business Village, just over a mile away from the company’s old offices.

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