Access control options? Wireless doesn't tie you down

As one recent market report highlights, more and more organisations are switching to wireless access control to secure premises. Their motivations are well rehearsed. Wireless devices offer greater flexibility without sacrificing security. With integrated RFID readers, they are easy to retrofit to existing doors and buildings, giving security managers much more control over a site. And because they are battery powered and use almost no electricity when idle, wireless access

Aperio wireless access control cuts lost key hassles at a growing student accommodation block

We lose keys. It’s just something we do, however much we try not to. One study in the UK estimated around 10,000 annually end up just in the refuse, by mistake. At one growing student accommodation block in southern France, they sought a solution to lost keys and the other hassles of managing an outdated mechanical master-key system for a large facility with a transient population. CROUS Montpellier fixed lost

The success of Wireless Access Control – opinions from the professionals

Following the publication of ‘The Wireless Access Control Report 2018’, leading security professionals from a range of industries share their opinions of the market, and the future, of wireless access control.Why demand for wireless continues to grow? Figures from the 2018 edition of the report show continued growth for wireless vs. wired solutions, but why are security and facility managers ‘cutting the wires’? Russell Wagstaff, Director for Commercial Access Solutions

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