TBS introduces new customisable biometric solutions for small and medium-sized applications

With the addition of two new packages, small enterprise solutions and medium enterprise solutions, the Swiss provider of professional biometric systems (TBS) introduces two powerful and versatile solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The two new packages extend TBS’s proven biometric access and time recording system by offering customised solutions for small enterprises, subsidiaries, medical practices, lawyers, medium-sized enterprises, and any other users that are in need of a compact and user-friendly system for efficient and safe access control. The packages have been strictly designed based on the plug & play concept and are less complex than the large-scale Unlimited Enterprise Solution package. Their comprehensive, modular TBS kit offers exactly those options needed for daily operations. Special features of the Medium Enterprise Solution package allow for more flexibility and can be added later on.
TBS thus offers a hardware and software range that has been closely customised to the needs of different user groups. The Small Enterprise Solution package is an entry-level solution for micro and small enterprises with up to 100 employees. This solution allows for installations with a maximum of five devices for up to 100 users. The TBS MicroServer is the core of this system, connecting all devices and synchronising data. System management is achieved with BioManage Mobile, a comfortable app currently available for smartphones and tablets with Android operating system, allowing for easy and intuitive user data management and access event control.
With Medium Enterprise Solution, TBS offers a package with intuitive user interface and extended functions for medium-sized enterprises with up to 1000 employees. The package integrates up to 25 reader units, allowing for the setup of larger systems. Customers can choose from a range of various 2D and 3D fingerprint readers with or without RFID integration. The fully pre-configured, powerful TBS Mini Server is the core of the system. It manages a central database and synchronizes all online data. Apart from the mobile app, another software – BioManager – comes into play for administrative purposes. This is web-based and intuitive management software comprises all basic functions for enrollment, management and reporting. On top of that, this software supports customised upgrades. As needed, the following options are available: Access rights management with unlimited zones and time schedules, video integration with remote enrollment, virtual separation, alarm system support, and many more.

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