Verint unveils new security and fraud investigation software

Verint Systems have announced a new software platform to help banks and credit unions simplify, modernize, and automate security, surveillance and fraud investigations across their enterprise.
“Video Investigator has a very modern user interface, making it easy for me to access more data than what I would’ve been able to gather before,” said David Campbell, Vice President of corporate security, Dollar Bank. “All of the information I need is right there in front of me, packaged in an organized manner, and it is very easy to access data. I am very impressed overall.”
Verint Video Investigator eases the daily challenges security investigators face. It simplifies and reduces the time to access live and recorded video through an intuitive interface, empowering users to quickly find the data needed to eliminate risks while increasing productivity. With an enhanced user experience, investigators can reduce training time, align investigation workflow, streamline video sharing, and focus on more critical tasks.
The fraud and security challenges banks contend with can be overwhelming, but prompt action is necessary to limit the damage that can greatly affect customers, employees, and the brand. When an incident occurs, investigators must turn to innovative security tools to be able to swiftly locate and analyze data. But these solutions are typically complex to use and manage.
“Banks and credit unions have data and security workloads spread across multiple platforms and as a result, business processes, compliance, and data-gathering efforts can be hampered,” said Brian Lettiere, vice president product management, Verint. “The challenge is to overcome data and technology siloes to quickly deploy new services that reduce complexity and enhance usability.”
Verint Video Investigator is a leading industry solution designed specifically for financial fraud and security personnel to help facilitate cohesive and straightforward threat mitigation and investigations. Lettiere added, “Verint Video Investigation is backwards compatible and fully integrated with our entire video software management platform.”
Verint Video Investigator provides organizations with an intuitive platform that can easily be leveraged across multiple departments to provide the actionable intelligence needed for effective risk management. Investigators can experience an overall time savings of more than 50% in an average investigation due to a streamlined user experience and quicker access to video.

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