CNL Software and Prodar offer integrated port and maritime security

CNL Software and Prodar Partner

CNL Software have partnered with Prodar to provide integrated PSIM solutions with a focus on port and maritime security.

Today, port security is responsible for all defense, law and treaty enforcement and counter-terrorism activities that fall within the port and maritime domain. This includes the protection of the seaports themselves, the protection and inspection of the cargo moving through the ports, and maritime security.

Prodar has over 20 years’ experience specializing in port, coastal and offshore security as well as radar/sonar solutions; providing advanced Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems (VTMIS) and Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) incorporating marine and ground surveillance radar offering real time port and maritime security monitoring.

The partnership with CNL Software will enable Prodar to offer its customers integrated PSIM solutions based on the IPSecurityCenter PSIM platform, under the CNL Software Channel Alliance Program (CAP). The two companies will work together to promote PSIM projects in Latin America with a particular focus on port and maritime security.

“In the maritime sector, detection and discrimination of incidents is crucial and it is vital that operators have real-time situational awareness from monitoring and surveillance systems such as radar, sonar, AIS and CCTV”, explains Eduardo Del Angel, CEO at Prodar. “By integrating all these systems centrally through IPSecurityCenter, organizations will be able to use all the data to deter, detect, verify and minimize the impact of incidents. The PSIM system can also provide data analysis that will help to pre-empt and prevent serious events in the future.”

“Threats to maritime facilities can have catastrophic effects. IPSecurityCenter PSIM as part of a maritime security solution allows operators to monitor perimeters and critical assets using disparate systems to immediately detect and verify potential threats”, says Ramon Grado, CPP; Director of Sales at CNL Software – Americas. “CNL Software has deployed IPSecurityCenter at several major port locations across the US, including the Washington State Department of Transportation, Ferries Division and to transportation networks around the globe. We look forward to working with Prodar to help improve security for passengers, cargo, assets and maritime operations.”

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