CNL Software taking IPSecurityCenter PSIM to ASIS International

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CNL Software is showcasing how Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software benefits critical infrastructure protection at ASIS International in Chicago, September 24-27 2013. The PSIM leader is demonstrating how PSIM is enabling organisations responsible for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) to improve operational efficiency by aggregating intelligence from each connected security systems; offering complete situational awareness.

Critical Infrastructure Protection, or CIP, is under increased pressure to secure national assets including power and fuel production, road, rail, air and sea distribution networks and water and agriculture. It is essential that organizations responsible for Critical Infrastructure take a proactive approach to security by implementing measures supported by resilient business processes for identifying, investigating, responding to and recovering from a range of security threats.

Balancing physical, technical and procedural controls to achieve a security posture meeting the needs of CIP, involves investments in physical security systems that deter as well as detect, such as CCTV, intruder alarms and lighting. This creates high volumes of data from alerts, alarms and footage, which require an intelligent method to prioritise and verify the information, to reduce false positives. IPSecurityCenter PSIM provides an off-the-shelf platform to handle the information overload within CIP and remove the risk of missing critical alerts.

“Damage to critical infrastructure could have a debilitating impact on the economic, environmental and political well-being of a nation, as well as life safety consequences”, says Keith Bloodworth, CEO – CNL Software. “IPSecurityCenter PSIM allows CIP organizations to deter, detect and minimize the impact of incidents as well as using data analysis to pre-empt and prevent serious events. Improved operational efficiency means less risk to people, property, business continuity and reputation.”

CNL Software will be in booth #4001 and in the Pelco booth #1104. For more information about CNL Software at ASIS International and/or to book a demonstration, please email

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