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Video Management Systems (VMS) serve as the user interface to command and control Video Surveillance Systems. These systems are comprised of Imagers, Recording Devices, Extended Storage, Intelligent Analytics, and User Display and Control interfaces (Monitors, Video Walls, and Keyboards).Today, there are two different types of deployments for VMS, Hardware and Software. Software solutions were developed to deploy on a customer’s hardware and required significant expertise and technical resources to install and implement. To simplify this process and provide more purposed based systems, Hardware based VMS appliances are now available and gaining in popularity. These special purpose built appliances have high-end video rendering hardware and extended I/O capabilities for sub system integrations.
According to a report from IHS, the market size of global video management software is expected to exceed $3 billion by 2018, and the Chinese market is growing the fastest among them. Milestone Systems and Genetec, which are the two important video management software suppliers of the world, have a big part of the Global market share. Industry consolidation among video software and hardware manufacturers has forced the VMS to evolve from a pure software product with per-channel licensing fee models to a more appliance oriented industry with capacity and features controlled by the appliance.
Dahua, a world leader in the professional security market,has a full-featured VMS product family named DSS. DSS is available as apure software product for installation on customer hardware when required.Advanced DSS appliances are also available from Dahua.The DSS7016 series and DSS4004 series are state-of-the-art integrated appliances. The integrated appliances share a common software base, but the appliance hardware is designed to optimize performance with the rigorous demands of a video management server.
The specifications of DSS7016 and DSS4004:

Model DSS7016 DSS4004
Main Processor Intel Core Processor 64 bit 4 core CPU
Operating System Embedded Linux Embedded Linux
Memory 8GB DDR3 4GB server
Power Supply Hot swap Hot swap
Display Port
LCD Display system information and status. Include: system time, system hardware information, platform service running state, etc. Unsupported
Data Management
Hard Disk One system disk and 15 disks local storage (max support 4T HDD) Built-in 1 1T industrial hard disk and support extend to 1 data disk
Raid mode Single,Raid0, Raid1, Raid5 Single
Ethernet Port
Ethernet Port 4 1000Mbps Ethernet port 4 100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports
Data Interface
USB 4 USB2.0 port Front:2 3.0, rear 2 2.0, motherboard loads 1 USB2.0
Serial Ports 1 RS232 COM 1 RS232 COM
Power Supply 100V~240V,47~63Hz, Hot-swappable 100V~240V,47~63Hz
Power 10W~200W(With HDD) 35W~50W (with HDD)
Work Temperature 0℃~50℃ 0℃~50℃
Work Humidity 5%~90%(non-condensing) 5%~90%(non-condensing)
Dimension 526mm*485mm*135mm 440mm*43.65mm*398.7mm

The VMS serves as the command and control interface of a Video system. Requirements include: User rights management, Device management, Device Status, Storage Status, Live Viewing, Playback, and Export. These functions become very complex the larger the video system becomes. System availability, user interaction, and workflow management are key factors.
DSS appliances and software provide the very best level of support while maintaining an easy-to-use interface for operators and technicians. Features include: Live Viewing, Playback, Storage Management, Video Display Management (Video Walls, Matrix Controllers, and Monitors), 2-way Audio Control, and other advanced features. Some of the advanced feature support includes: POS Integration with data sync and Intelligent video analysis to aid in event identification (Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandonment, Object Missing, People Counting, etc.), and E-Map (Floor plans with camera locations).

  • Reliable & Multi-functional

The embedded Linux operating system provides reliable platform support which is protected from malicious software attack.

  • Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

Appliance integration provides maximum performance and reduces the total cost of ownership by reducing hardware costs, energy costs, and maintenance costs.

  • Hot spare

Hot standby mode can improve the stability of system, if the active server fails or disconnects the hot standby server changes to active mode automatically and the system keeps on work normally.

  • Easy Installation

The pre-configured appliance only requires a simple power-on boot and connection to your security equipment network.

  • Easy access

Easy access to DSS system via browser, client-end or mobile client, anytime and anywhere.

  • Open Third party friendly platform

Open platform SDK supports partners to develop their own features and applications. DSS offers support for Windows, iOS, Android, ONVIF devices, third party equipment (HIK) as well.
There are various vertical market enhanced solution versions for DSS:

Product Functions& Applications
Based on video surveillance system, support basic video surveillance, playback, intelligent.
Apply to retail, factory, hotel, etc. Support POS and people counting.
Intelligence transportation platform, apply to street monitoring. Support intelligent analysis such as license plate recognition,red light enforcement , ANPR, radar speed enforcement and etc.
Mobile Surveillance platform, support real-time monitoring, playback, and E-map. DSS-M also enhances its user-experience on the operation of GPS positioning, electric-Fence, track of vehicle, various reports and etc.
Apply to intelligent building, like plaza, shopping mall, hotels and parking lot. The system integrated with video surveillance, access control, alarm, video intercom and intelligent parking lot together.
DSS The pure software version can support different business applications.

VMS evolution continues as the market matures. Consolidation of VMS and hardware continues to drive cost savings, tighter systems integration, and better operator experiences. Powerful additions including Video Analytics, License Plate Recognition, Facial Detection, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection make the appliance solution a better choice. Dahua will continue to work with our customers to refine our solutions and enhance value and performance in the VMS marketplace.

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