IPSecurityCenter PSIM now integrated with Avigilon Control Center


CNL Software has announced the integration of IPSecurityCenterTM PSIM with video management system Avigilon Control Center has been officially completed.

Avigilon designs, manufactures, and markets award-winning HD surveillance systems. Avigilon’s solutions protect and monitor thousands of customer sites in more than 80 countries around the world. The combination of Avigilon Control Center (ACC) with its megapixel cameras, delivers full situational awareness and the industry’s best image detail. Bringing Avigilon’s technology into IPSecurityCenter PSIM allows this rich video to be complemented with data from all other connected systems, providing complete situation intelligence.

The two companies are defining the future of protection, Avigilon through innovative high-definition surveillance solutions and CNL software with its ability to create best of breed PSIM solutions. IPSecurityCenter has a rich integration with ACC, providing features such as bidirectional alarm management, camera telemetry and playback control.

The integration formalized under the CNL Software Technology Alliance Program (TAP) was driven by End User demand from a transportation agency in one of the United States’ largest cities.

“CNL Software and Avigilon are like-minded organizations, creating open products that support integration and deliver better solutions to meet the end-users needs,” commented Ian Povey, Director of Product Management at Avigilon. “This integration provides enhanced intelligence and ensures end-users are well-equipped to deal with situations they might face.”

“Avigilon has grown rapidly over the last few years because of their innovative security products” commented Adlan Hussain, Global Head of Marketing at CNL Software “We value their partnership, and look forward to working with them on a number of projects in the near future.”

More Information:

www.avigilon.com – www.cnlsoftware.com

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