Planning to use body worn video? Here are 36 questions to answer

Chuck Georgo
Chuck Georgo

Body worn video (BWV) is all the rage with law enforcement. While the jury is still out on its true effectiveness to improve relations between law enforcement and citizens, initial evidence does point to positive results for both its wearer and the public, writes Chuck Georgo of NOWHERETOHIDE.ORG.

Whichever side you’re on with respect to use of BWV, here are 36 questions I’ve compiled that any agency Chief or Sheriff should be able to answer for officers, the mayor/city council, county council, and the citizens they serve.

  1. What kind of body work camera should I use? (Chest/Head)
  2. What resolution quality do I need?
  3. How much do they cost?
  4. How will I pay for them?
  5. Who do I give it to?
  6. Who don’t I give it to?
  7. What training do I have to give to users?
  8. How do I get police union support to use them?
  9. How do I get citizen support to use them?
  10. How do I get political support to use them?
  11. When do I turn it on?
  12. When do I turn it off?
  13. Do I have to tell people it’s on (or off)?
  14. Are there times I have to leave it off?
  15. Are there times I have to take it off my body?
  16. Do I have to have it on when Iā€™m not on a call?
  17. How long should I store the video?
  18. Where do I store the video?
  19. Can I store it with a 3rd party provider?
  20. What will it cost me to store the video with a 3rd party provider?
  21. How do I know my video is secure with a 3rd party provider?
  22. What do I do if the 3rd party provider loses my video?
  23. How do I access the stored video?
  24. Who else can look at the video? (Intel)
  25. Who can I share the video with? (Le reasons)?
  26. How do I share the video with other le?
  27. Do I have to get permission from others in the video to share it?
  28. How do I handle videos of the inside of people’s houses? (Non-criminal)
  29. If the subject asks for a copy, must I give it to them?
  30. Do I have to give it up in a foe request?
  31. Do I charge citizens for copies of the video?
  32. Are the cameras reliable?
  33. Do the batteries last for a whole shift?
  34. How do I recharge the battery?
  35. What if it not operable, should I not take a call?
  36. How do I maintain the cameras?

For more than thirty years, Chuck Georgo has served as a public safety and cyber security strategist, business analyst, systems engineer, and project manager supporting law enforcement and homeland security missions of international government and private sector organizations. In addition to operating his own consultancy ā€“ NOWHERETOHIDE.ORG, he serves on the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Committee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and on the council of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF), where he has spoken on infrastructure protection, and the human side of cyber threats.

Twitter: @chuckgeorgo

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