Security at US borders boosted by Iluminar Inc

Iluminar Inc, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators, was selected by Van Cleve & Associates, Inc. to provide strategic LED illumination for US Government border control.
Border control has been a topic of concern in the United States for many years and has become a critical aspect of overall security. Issues of illegal immigration, drug wars and the imminent threat of terrorist attacks have made perimeter defense a top priority. Recently, a large border control end-user needed to upgrade its video surveillance security solutions. In particular, the entity needed a covert lighting source that could enhance video capture to help prevent illegal activity.
With high profile terrorist attacks recently occurring in both the United States and abroad, the responsibility for civilian safety has arguably become more imperative than ever before. In addition, the rising concern regarding refugees, illegal immigrants and illicit narcotics entering the US has citizens and politicians anxious about the security of its borders. As the need for protection escalates, government officials are looking for new methods of increasing both security and efficiency at the nation’s borders.
Recently, a border control end-user needed to improve its surveillance system. The organization wanted to incorporate a lighting product that would enhance image capture and also act as a deterrent for miscreants. The government entity sought advice from integrator Van Cleve & Associates, who specializes in security, surveillance and countermeasure solutions for government and commercial clients. The company’s expertise, strong partnerships and incredible customer service have continuously positioned them as one of the top US consultants in the industry.
When asked about how to resolve the issue Van Cleve & Associates immediately suggested iluminar Inc.’s strategic lighting expertise and technology. The company boasts the largest selection of low voltage LED lighting products in the industry. Its solutions have been installed in various border control initiatives throughout the country and Van Cleve & Associates has installed its technology for over eight years.
For this project, Van Cleve & Associates installed 25 iluminar IR148-PoE-2 illuminators. The IR148-PoE-2 Series cover distances up to 148 feet, use 850 or 940 nanometer wavelengths, and offers angle ranges from 10 to 120 degrees. Its Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology permits low voltage DC power distribution along existing cables used for data transport, which results in increased savings and location placement flexibility. Additional benefits from iluminar include a five-year warranty, SMT LED technology and an IP67 weatherproof rating.
“Using a company like iluminar, where they can either place a separate illuminator below, above or beside the camera makes life a whole lot easier,” said Van Cleve & Associates Sales Manager, Harry Dominguez. “Their illuminators are easier to deploy and give better quality illumination.”

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