World's first POE network switches with ONVIF support revealed by D-Link

D-Link, the leading IP camera supplier in Europe, has revealed the world’s first Power over Ethernet (PoE) network switches, featuring ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) support. The new DGS-1100 MP/MPP Series Gigabit Smart Managed Surveillance PoE+ Switches have been designed to dramatically simplify the installation and management of IP CCTV systems.
D-Link’s unique inclusion of ONVIF support enables these high performance Ethernet switches to automatically recognise both D-Link and third party IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and other IP devices such as access control systems. Automatic device recognition via ONVIF means installation teams just need to plug network cables into CCTV cameras and other components, connect the cables to the smart switch and the system’s elements will appear in the switch’s dedicated surveillance optimised web interface.
From this straightforward interface, the installer or operator can see real-time information about their surveillance network, such as surveillance topology, device status, PoE consumption data and network bandwidth utilisation. With full control over the PoE ports, at the click of a mouse cameras can be configured and managed; for example to set schedules for camera operation or to restart a device.
“With security a critical concern for businesses, the demand for IP based surveillance is growing due to its ease of integration with other systems. The introduction of the DGS-1100 MP/MPP Switches means that a security system installer can confidently plug and play complete IP surveillance systems, without needing to ‘deep dive’ into layers of networking configuration,” said Paul Routledge, Country Manager UK and Ireland. “With the move to PoE eliminating the need for power cabling, and the simplification that our unique implementation of ONVIF offers, professional CCTV installation is entering a new age of speed and simplicity.”

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