World Police Summit

World Police Summit – Conference agenda

The World Police Summit will be holding six topical conferences to tackle the current challenges in the policing world of security

The World Police Summit is the global meeting place for senior, international police and law enforcement officials and professionals to connect with governments, policy makers and sector professionals to discuss the key priorities shaping the future of policing.

As a platform for consisting of an exhibition & conference, the Summit will provide police and law enforcement agencies the opportunity to source the latest technologies, debate key trends and address the challenges and priorities created by smart cities, cybercrime, rapid population growth and urbanisation, evolving digital technologies, resource scarcity and the post-pandemic impact on public safety and security.

Crime Prevention

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a fall in crime rates around the world. Whilst some forms of crime declined, other forms, such as cybercrime and money laundering, have emerged and heightened elsewhere. In addition to enforcing lockdown protocols, law enforcement agencies are now tasked to solve a multitude of crime forms augmenting the reliance on digital technologies for real-time criminal intelligence and faster response to crime incidents.

Taking place from 14 – 15 March 2022, the WPS Crime Prevention Conference will gather global leaders from the law enforcement ecosystem to strategise and lay the foundation to creating a safer and more secure world.


Rapid urbanisation and technology adoption has changed the criminal landscape around the world, and have redefined the responsibilities of law enforcement officers.

Taking place on 14 March 2022, the World Police Summit’s Drones Conference will provide a unique platform for law enforcement agencies to gain insights on the novel applications of drones to enhance situational awareness, collect evidence, respond to emergencies and create safer and secure communities.

Forensic Science

The Forensic Science Conference offers access to the latest industry knowledge and research findings, technical expertise, state of the art technologies and industry best practices.

The conference programme comprises of strategic keynotes and panel discussions in addition to technical sessions created through the call for papers that is open for abstract submissions to all law enforcement agencies and private entities operating within the global forensics sectors.

The conference will cover the entire forensics value chain including genetics, toxicology, digital forensics, fire scene investigations and forensic psychology.


Drugs and psychotropics trafficking remain an ongoing challenge for countries demanding coordinated efforts from all law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence, identify trade channels, track financing routes, and support rehabilitation efforts.

Taking place on 16 March 2022, the WPS Anti-Narcotics Conference provides a high-level platform to gain insights on forward-looking policies to counter drug trafficking and frame next-generation preventive and rehabilitation methods to treat drug addicts.

Police Innovation and Resilience

Economic expansion, urbanisation, coupled with unprecedented circumstances have altered the dynamics of law enforcement around the world. As countries evolve, triggering new forms of crime, police forces are embracing innovative crime response strategies driven by advanced technologies to strengthen resilience and adapt to the changing situations.

Taking place on 17 March 2022, the World Police Summit’s Police Innovation & Resilience Conference is a global gathering of police officers, government officials, fire & safety personnel, risk management, and security experts to discuss groundbreaking technologies.


Since 1888, K9 units have been vital assets to law enforcement agencies to maintain public safety. Properly trained police dogs can search 50 times faster than a human, thanks to over 300 million olfactory receptors that can sense a wide array of smells.

Taking place on 17 March 2022, the World Police Summit’s K9 Conference is a unique gathering of canine experts from global police forces to explore and demonstrate proven strategies for canine handlers and innovative canine training methodologies to assist law enforcement officers across various duties.


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