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Amalock, the next generation SMART living security company, discusses innovative technology for easy use and installation consumers 

Amalock was set up in 2019 with the simple mission of keeping people and their property safe, using modern tech and innovation that is designed with security and SMART living in mind. 

With the Smart Home security market in the UK dominated by big corporations, all offering an anonymous one-size-fits-all service, often requiring multiple apps and a complex set-up, we knew we could do better. We invested in developing the technology, focusing on creating easy-to install, easy to use solutions and started to experiment with market feedback. 

From the moment that one of our early clients was able to film an attempted break in at their property on our cameras, the footage of which led to a conviction, we knew we were on the right path. 

The smartphone is a remote control in our lives. With video calling technology, we can be seen to be at home, but actually be in two places at once. 

We’re committed to always using SMART Home tech that is engineered for peace of mind, but is easy to install and use. As a small but very ambitious business, we’re able to offer solutions that are tailored to what you need. From small beginnings selling our first range, we’ve grown to bigger premises in Northampton and are continuing to grow with the same philosophy of SMART solutions built around keeping our customers safe. 

Amalock have partnered with tuya, which is the worlds largest app developer and since working together, we have developed our own amalock app enabling you to have all SMART products controlled by one app. 

We have put together a comprehensive range of products to completely make the customer feel safer and more secure. From the video doorbell, Wi-Fi cameras and wireless alarm kit, all of these are totally wire-free and can be installed and connected to the amalock app in a few minutes. We also have a range of powered products where cables and a local power source is not a problem. All of our products are designed to be easy to install as DIY. 

Our product range is unlimited as we have exclusive access to every SMART product manufacture around the world giving us the edge when sourcing products for our clients. 

With technology now being so advanced and Wi-Fi signals improving all the time, our smartphones with its screen-lock, adds an extra layer of PIN and facial recognition security. 

The applications that our products are suited to are homes, offices, apartments, flats, rentals, sheds, remote lockups and motor homes.  

2 years is not a long time to have established our brand as widely as we have, but it is a long time in tech, which is why we try to keep things as up to date as possible on our website. 

Amalock – we’ve got you covered. 



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